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Hello, let me introduce myself. I am Koannstтиantspin aDumshk.in, my profession is Microsoft.NET framework developer. I work with applications that serve business processes, from small web sites with DB to enterprise level applications. I have sufficient experience in the area. If your company has work process that needs to be optimized with internet or intranet application, I will be glad to develop what you need, with quality and moderate price.

Yours faithfully, Konstantin

For Customers

Offer consulting, development and up to fulfillment software production based on given requirements and even including requirement elaboration. Provide functional additions and support.

Advantage of my services is moderate price, it is from 13$/hr, and availability to work in close contact with you, that result in product that best fits your needs.
In comparison with companies, my price is lower but quality is higher. Price: I do not pay for rent and managers, and find job himself. Quality: in most companies your product will be made by less qualified professionals than me, often by beginners who are nothing but managed by more proficient persons. In my job I do all as it should be done by proficient, each piece. The result is clear implemented, supportable product that has great chances to operate long time. You probably will not need to rewrite it from scratch or overpay for functional additions in future.
When working on product having fluent requirements, my availability to be in close contact is very helpful: I have actually fast response.
In comparison with other freelancers, I keep competitive price\qualification ratio. I would like to note, that I always test enough my job before transfer it to you, and in development use unit testing, that considerably reduces errors.

One more advantage of my services is that in case of unforeseen circumstances you could contact me instantly and I will solve a problem as soon as possible, you will not have to wait.

To manage work process, I provide working environment, the same as companies offer: issue management and shared file store. Please look in services to get detailed description.

For Software Companies

With remote team I work as team player, can lead development.


I am 34 year old. I graduated Novosibirsk State University in 1998 and got master degree in geophysics. Initially I worked as geophysicist in seismic processing center where I wrote small calculating programs and thus starts with programming, and then I went to Software Company. Look at my resume for details.

I live in the geographic center of Siberia in Berdsk town near Novosibirsk, Russia.


Email: contact@kdsoft.ru
Skype: kd-soft Call me by Skype. Please note, I do not speak English well. Instead I prefer chat.
MSN: contact@kdsoft.ru


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